History: Win Resources Inc. (Chilliwack Employment Services) was established in 1987 to serve the people of Chilliwack and its surrounding communities. Since then, it has provided Client-centred, employment-related services to over 35,000 unemployed and under-employed residents, including case management, case-managed services and training for general and Specialized Populations.

Win Resources Inc’s philosophy remains consistent throughout its various operations and has provided the cornerstone of 24 years of successful service delivery.  Further, it promotes use of both traditional job search programs and specialized, innovative programs, designed to support the specific needs of Canadians.


Win Resources Inc. has with three other local service providers, created Fraser Valley Employment and Support Services Co-operative (FVESSC) – an organization dedicated to helping improve the communities of the Fraser Valley and the lives of their residents.  “To provide local solutions to local problems".

Holding numerous affiliations within the Chilliwack and surrounding area’s business community, Win Resources Inc. has fostered formal/informal partnerships that mutually benefit local industry and Client needs.  They are actively involved with the Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Chilliwack Business Improvement Association and many other community groups.


At Win Resources Inc., we believe that to lead the way is to lead by example, to be dedicated to change and to put forth the needs of those we serve and provide the most mattering and comprehensive service we can every single day.

To achieve this, we have to continue to innovate on how to best serve our clients and our community in times of change while maintaining our personal integrity and a cohesive understanding that our greater purpose is to help those we serve, not to meet individual needs.
In modeling our philosophy and values, Win Resources Inc. believes in working towards community cohesiveness through a commitment to implementing change that can affect long-term growth individually and communally.

The good of all is greater than the good of any one.

Scope of Services

Win Resources Inc. places client needs first - providing skills-based training, vocational assessments and related services in an affective professional, respective manner that fosters esteem for self, and respect for others.  This approach is consistent throughout daily operations, guiding Win Resources in providing highly successful group-based and individual Employment Assisted Services.

Over the past 24 years, Win Resources Inc. has provided services to both federal and provincial Ministries employability programming through Work Connections, Community Employment Training for multi-barrier clients, Job Partnership Programming, Youth – Community Employment Training, case management and technology based participant services.   Presently, they provide Career Decision Making and Job Search workshops designed to assist all Client populations in their return to work. 

For employers, Win Resources Inc. has delivered a variety of employment related services and is constantly tailoring their services to meet local business needs.

Business services include:
  • Recruitment, training and retention workshops administered by industry professionals 
  • Post-employment assistance services for those employees affected by business restructure
  • Job placement services for companies looking to hire locally
Win Resources Inc. is regularly invited to deliver workshops and training sessions.

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